Case Study: RE/MAX United

How managed voice and Internet across multiple buildings helped RE/MAX United avoid tech debt


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The Client

RE/MAX is a real estate franchisor with locations all over the globe and more than 135,000 agents. The network of offices are franchisee-owned and operated. RE/MAX United has two offices that serve West Michigan in Rockford and Grand Rapids. These offices have a total of 6 employees and 45 real estate agents.

The Challenge

RE/MAX had three main issues: an aging phone system, no ideal way to manage their network systems, and finally, RE/MAX needed to extend their network connectivity across multiple buildings. VanBelkum had a big job ahead of them.

Previously, RE/MAX had two Cisco Phone servers that were near their end of life. Neither office has a full-time IT employee and were struggling to manage their phone systems. RE/MAX attempted to work with a few different IT companies but were not provided sufficient support.

Not only did RE/MAX need a way to manage their network connections and systems, the office also needed to improve their network infrastructure. At the end of the day, the client was having issues trying to manage everything on their own, especially after unsuccessful relationships with IT companies in the past. 

Finally, RE/MAX needed a bandwidth management system in order to connect multiple buildings to one Internet source. The client was previously paying for Internet service at 2 separate buildings that were within 50 yards of each other. 

Connectivity is imperative for RE/MAX. Being properly connected to networks and having an updated phone system means there will be faster communication between employees, more agility, quicker turnaround for customers, and simplified billing. RE/MAX can focus on their customer and real estate, not IT.

The Solution

VanBelkum was able to provide the client with a new phone system, which removed the need for the aging Cisco servers. RE/MAX real estate agents now have seamless phone systems and DID numbers that forward their calls from their cell phones and the support/help desk. 

VanBelkum also took over managing RE/MAX’s networks and now provides the office with the support they need. If phones go down or connections are lost, VanBelkum is there to repair or diagnose the issue. 

VanBelkum was also able to utilize a point-to-point wireless system between the two buildings, allowing users in both locations to connect to the Internet through wireless access points (APs) and connect to multiple local area networks (LANs). 

The Result

The process of migrating to a new phone system can be stressful, but through VanBelkum, the process went well and there were no hiccups. The office’s call center is running smoothly and because of the updates, RE/MAX says their door intercom system works much better as well. 

The employees and agents at RE/MAX also no longer have to stress about whether their networks are up and running and are comforted by the fact that support is just a phone call or email away from providing any necessary assistance. RE/MAX knows who they can turn to when an emergency arises, taking a heavy weight off their shoulders. 

Through the point-to-point wireless system, both buildings that were previously on two separate Internet networks are connected to the same network and can utilize a full suite of connected business systems on high-speed Internet, as well as share files and data. Without VanBelkum’s bandwidth management help, this client would continue to pay for separate Internet contracts for each building – which in the long run would be very costly, and could lead to unnecessary “tech debt.” 

The Takeaway

VanBelkum provided RE/MAX United with smooth, seamless transitions from their new phone system to managing their network connection and bandwidth. RE/MAX’s specialty is running a real estate brokerage, and now that VanBelkum is providing their phone and network support, they can focus on real estate in West Michigan.

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