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At VanBelkum, we believe that reliable and secure connectivity is a strategic advantage so we create custom solutions for companies that want consistent communications, stable networks, and technology that just works, so they can focus on running their business. 

We make sure that communication devices and applications that a business connects to the Internet or cloud stay online, secure, and accessible. From phones to surveillance cameras to access controls, you can count on VanBelkum to set it up right and keep it running.

For more than 60 years, VanBelkum has helped businesses

make sense of technology.

it's called a network

because it's supposed to work

The network is the backbone of a modern business – can you think of any industry that doesn’t need to be connected? Every business relies on reliable and secure connections to the internet. Period. Simple as that.

Networks, however, can be complex; multiple layers, moving targets, and unpredictable roadblocks can stand in the way of productivity and profitability.

Phone Seats
Network Devices Managed
Miles of Cable/Fiber Run

You have questions

we have answers

Access Controls

Keyless Entry

Entry/Exit Auditing

Centralized Multi-location Management

Simple Credentialling

Seamless Integration

structured cabling

Firewall & switch Installation

Wireless Access Point Installation

cabling runs

Legacy Equipment Removal

Demarc & Blackboard Cleanup


Site Surveying

Video Surveillance


onsite & offsite storage


Ongoing service & support

24X7 monitoring software

Mobile access

Network Design


carrier services

monitoring & maintenance

hardware & software

end-to-end support

Phone Systems

Unified Communication

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Mobility/Mobile-First Communication

Text / SMS Software

Hosted Cloud Phone

Managed PBX

Pre Construction

Design-Build Services 

Electronic Security and Safety

Access Controls (locks)

General networked business needs

Burglar Intrusion

Connected Equipment/PLC 

Paging & phones


Managed Services

Scheduled maintenance plans

Firmware updates

Network monitoring

Upgrade recommendations

Regular security updates

here to help before you know you need help

By listening to your needs, we can anticipate changes and help you make proactive decisions before something becomes a crisis. We excel at:

  • Office construction, expansion, and relocation that support business growth
  • New compliance & regulatory standards
  • Carrier expense audits
  • Networks that suddenly slow down
  • Connected products that don't work like they're supposed to
  • General troubleshooting and support