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Competition for sales in the Real Estate industry has never been tougher. Sealed bids, immediate offers, and prices above asking have become the norm. Mobile devices have changed from convenient equipment to necessary tools. The pace of business is quickening and doesn’t look to slow down.

Today, most agencies have multiple agents and office support working from both the road and the agency office. Multiple agency locations can add another layer of complexity, too. No matter where your people are they have to be able to communicate effectively in order to make the sale. Access to data and client information needs to be seamless and easy.

Phone systems and networks between computers, mobile devices and other offices–It all just has to work. To top it all off, there is a need for IT support, too.

Today’s Real Estate office is looking for infrastructure that pulls everything together and does it while being invisible. The focus should be on clients and their needs. Every moment spent working around technology is a moment that could mean the difference between closing a deal and having to keep looking.

Clients expect that agents will be available at any time. They use text, phone calls, and even social media chats to get through. Agents expect to be able to access resources from the road. Office staff expect to be able to come up with important data and information at a moment’s notice.


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Connecting Buyers and Sellers

With over six decades of experience in communications and network infrastructure, VanBelkum is ready to bring all of your connections together. We can create a network that is fast, reliable and secure and integrates with multiple points of entry, from desktop computers to mobile phones in the field. Our services also include IT assistance so that you have support when you need it, should you need it.

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RE/MAX United of West Michigan needed network and phone connections across multiple buildings. Here’s how VanBelkum helped them avoid serious tech debt.

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RE/MAX United

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