Your Eye in the Cloud

You already know your small or medium-sized business needs a reliable, affordable, and versatile surveillance system—after all, you can’t be on-site 24/7/365. VanBelkum’s cloud-enabled video surveillance systems give you the ability to monitor your business anywhere in the world, anytime you want. Technology has moved on from disconnected on-site NVR/DVRs – with advancements thanks to the cloud, footage from your commercial security camera system can now be securely accessed from any device in any location you choose. Whether you have 1 camera positioned at the point of sale or 30 cameras watching over your network of facilities, we have the best video surveillance system solution for your business.

Hybrid Cloud surveillance solutions offer superior flexibility and versatility while giving your business the customized security system it needs. From video surveillance and access control to streaming and time lapsing, VanBelkum has experience designing and installing a variety of cloud-enabled surveillance systems in West Michigan. We will give your business the real-time monitoring capabilities it needs to stay secure and productive.

Benefits of Cloud-Enabled
Surveillance Security

Get Real-Time Support

Any Time, Anywhere Updates and Troubleshooting

VanBelkum camera systems don’t require in-person updates or anyone to be on-site to troubleshoot issues or add/change user accounts, giving you faster turnaround times when you need critical updates.

Monitor Multiple Locations

All of Your Footage in One Place

Cloud-enabled VanBelkum systems put all your footage from multiple locations into the same portal, giving you unparalleled real-time information.

Easy Remote Access

View Footage from Anywhere

Cloud-enabled systems give you a convenient and secure way to access your camera systems, no matter how far away you might be.

Easy to Scale

Upgrading  Your System is Simple

As your business grows, so does your surveillance capabilities. Adding cameras to your current system takes very little time and effort.

Switching Your Business to a Cloud-Enabled Surveillance System

We have helped many Michigan businesses switch from traditional camera system setups to cloud-enabled surveillance security systems. With proper structured cabling, switching from a traditional system to the cloud requires relatively little upfront investment and will save you time and money over the life of the system – not to mention the convenience of online access. Instead of shoehorning you into an expensive “one size fits all” cloud storage solution, VanBelkum will customize the surveillance storage plan that works best for your business.

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