5 Things to NEVER Say to a Customer on the Phone


In today’s highly connected and fast paced world, you need a business phone system that provides personal service at any time, regardless if you are able to physically be in your office or not. Did you know that a voice-over-IP (VOIP), managed phone system is affordable, easy to use, and it gives you so much more flexibility and great features that help you avoid the 5 things you should NEVER say to a customer while on the phone?

 #1:  “Can I Put You On Hold?”

Your system should be able to automatically route the call to another person, even if they are working remotely that day. The less time your customer spends waiting, the more likely they are to have a positive experience and recommend your business to others.

 #2:  “What’s Your Phone Number?”

This is basic business phone stuff: You should already have their phone number because your phone system notified your customer management system the minute they called. Connected systems sharing information in real time means you don’t have to ask unnecessary questions, valuing your time and your customer’s time.

 #3:  “Let Me See When We Can Get To You”

This tells customers that you’re more concerned about what’s convenient to you than what’s convenient to them. Simply changing the words a bit makes patients feel like they are in control.  Give them concrete options and ask what’s best for them.  

 #4:  “Hmm, That’s Different”

Most customers don’t want to hear that their situation is out of the ordinary. This can cause unnecessary anxiety as they might think it’s difficult or too complicated to fix, answer, or handle.

 #5:  “Let Me Write That Down A Minute”

This one is all about efficiency! You should have the customer’s record open while you’re on the phone with them, updating their information electronically.

 BONUS:  “………..” You Should Never Say Nothing!

Silence isn’t golden when interacting with customers and potential new customers. When they call you they want reassurance that you’re a professional team that is standing by to take care of them. Even while you’re typing things into your system, give them updates so they know you’ve got everything under control.

 Send the Right Message

If your phone system isn’t helping you send the right message to your customers and prospective customers, consider talking to one of the communications experts at VanBelkum. Click or call today to ask any questions or set up a free site survey to learn what solutions are right for your business. You’ll talk to a real, local person that wants to get to know you and understand the uniqueness of your business.

If you’ve ever been guilty of saying any of the 5 things you should never say to a customer, there are some very simple business phone features you can implement to help improve your customer service. And that’s the bottom line – maximize your tech to keep your customers happy!


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