5 Capabilities Your Business Phone System Needs During a Pandemic


 Businesses have been flooded with calls lately as people try to reschedule appointments that were canceled during Michigan’s Executive Order(s). Now, more than ever, making sure you can speak with your customers consistently is vital. How can you make sure you respond to the needs of your customers if your business phone systems are not operating properly and your employees are all in different places?

Invest in a Better Business Phone System

At VanBelkum, we are here to make sure that no call is missed and that phones are always up and forwarding correctly, regardless of where your team might be when they answer that call. Outdated systems are likely costing you a lot of money. Money that could go farther, get you more functionality, create a better customer experience, and better reliability if you opted to move to a modern phone system. Don’t just go picking out a new phone system without first knowing what a proper one should do for you, and more importantly, your customers. 

To help you better understand why an awesome customer experience is reliant on your phone system, here are 5 things that the right business phone system should enable for your customers: 

  1. A perfect call flow; day or night.
    Whenever a customer needs you, they are routed to the right person quickly and efficiently.
    Although it would be nice, you cannot control when people have questions. Customers may want to get in touch with you at all times of the day, so it is important to be available when they need you most.

  2. The ability to talk to a live person in times of emergency or crisis. 
    In a time of need, your customers want someone experienced and knowledgeable who picks up their call promptly!
    Rather than relying on a customer service representative to deal with routing a customer’s calls to another person in your organization, use a phone system that can automate this process. Not only will you save money, but your customer will be gracious that they were directed to the right person in a timely manner.

  3. The ability for your team to answer the “office” phone no matter where they may be sitting that day.
    Customers don’t care if you’re working from home, but they do care if they cannot get through to someone.
    This pandemic has more people working from home than ever before. For many customers, a phone call is a much easier way to get questions answered quickly and accurately. If you have employees working from home, but do not have a way to route customer calls to the right people, you risk losing that customer altogether.

  4. Customers can have it their way.
    If they prefer phones, so be it. But you should also be able to communicate with them the way they want to be communicated with. That means your system needs to track communications from email-to-phone-to-text. 

  5. You should focus on your customer; not on the technology that makes communication seamless and easy.
    The right system should just run. That way all of your attention can be devoted to answering your customer’s questions and doing what you do best.

The Customer Experience 

Remember, providing a top-notch experience for your customers is essential to your business’s success. This all starts with having the right communication system in place to answer any urgent questions they may have. If you are curious about best practices when using your phone system to manage calls, check out this piece on the 5 things you should never say to a customer on the phone.

The right business phone system enables callers and puts the customer experience first. The bottom line is that any business that cares about keeping their customers happy needs to make sure their customers’ experience with their phone system addresses their needs and gives them a positive impression. Make sure your business phone system has these capabilities and you’ll maximize every call, every time.


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